Welcome to TRICORD Performance where our goal is to help manufacturing companies overcome hurdles to growth, profitability and job satisfaction. 


With Top Industry Specific Experts, we help companies in the key disciplines of Strategic Thinking & Planning, Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Management, Operations and Quality.

  • Help clients identify the main obstacles to reaching their full potential


  • Provide clients with a Tricord Roadmap to improve their company’s performance. 

  • Offer Consulting Services to help clients execute on the proposed roadmap

  • Help clients achieve a smooth-running operation

  • Help clients to keep their stakeholders (customers, owners, and employees) satisfied


  • Help our clients improve the top and bottom lines, now and for the long-term


“To be the recognized leader in converting management experience  into practical improvement roadmaps to help companies thrive”

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