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We are a team of highly experienced leaders with long careers in a variety of roles from small, privately-held to large public companies in various High Tech markets. We have a Game-Changing Assessment Tool that allows us to predict performance.


We are confident that collectively we can help you through your hurdles quickly and affordably.  Our team has worked for some of the most efficient and successful companies serving customers with the highest expectations.  Our experience, successes, and lessons learned are brought together to help you harness your company’s competencies and meet your performance and financial goals. 

Our Values:
TRICORD Performance believes that by doing the RIGHT THINGS, the RIGHT WAY and with the RIGHT ATTITUDE, one achieves the RIGHT RESULTS, results that endure.  Therefore, the following statements, while succinct, sum up our deepest-help values:

INTEGRITY -        “doing the right things when no one is watching...”  C. S. Lewis

We pledge to treat you with respect, honesty and humility in all our work. 

Integrity and Ethics form part of our core in all we do, because “success without integrity is failure...”

SERVANT LEADERSHIP -     “we rise by lifting others...”  R. K. Greenleaf

Our customers come first, even before our self-interests. To that end, we will make sure that

we work for you, even if that means recommending solutions that represent no benefit to us.

You are our client and we will make every effort to make sure you are satisfied with our services.

TRUST -    “the core of influence is trust...”  Core leadership Competencies

We will endeavor to be worthy of your trust. We recognize that trust must be earned. 

Therefore, we offer affordable services, flexibility in our engagements, transparency and the constant offer to keep you in control of the process. 

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