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Our typical customers belong to one of five categories:


1- Small to medium sized privately held companies with revenues ranging up to $200M that are battling with revenue growth, systemic operational issue or poor profitability.  Often, these companies struggle with a vast array of regulatory constraints, unresolved and/or unknown internal weaknesses and burdening customer requirements.


2- Private Equity firms and Public Holding companies who are needing industry experts to

help subsidiaries in their portfolio reach their goals without resorting to making drastic management changes.  We can work with management to prepare for and/or run quarterly reviews, manage the sales force, upgrade or mentor the team and other strategic and/or tactical tasks.


3- Small to Medium sized privately held companies who would like to cash out and need to prepare their Plan and Forecast (among other things) to be appealing to prospective buyers.  We can also help find strategic or financial buyers as the case best applies.

4- M&A and Lending institutions who would like an insider's viewpoint on risk based on our Performance Assessment as well as find out what it would take to improve performance.

5- OEMs, Tiers 1 & 2: These customers need to reduce the cost of their supply chain and we can do that for much less cost and in large numbers.



In today's challenging environment, it is paramount To run companies as effectively and efficiently as possible to remain competitive and thrive.  While it is normal for companies to struggle from time to time, it is important to distinguish between temporal issues and systemic issues that are avoidable.  Business Managers need to strike a delicate balance between the following critical business demands:


  • Maintaining customer confidence by delivering quality products on time at a competitive price consistently.

  • Protecting and engaging their most valuable asset: their workforce. 

  • Delivering on their stockholders’ expectations.


These priorities demand careful attention for they impact the long-term success of the business.  Therefore, it is imperative they be managed carefully, intentionally, with a sense of urgency and in a cost-effective manner.

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