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Frequently Asked Questions

What does our Assessment cover?

It covers 8 manufacturing disciplines + X, 11 cross Section topics with 50 Subsections and over 1500 questions across the enterprise… each scored by company management allows Tricord to know the challenges “before walking through door”…


What languages can you do the assessment in?

We currently have it available in English and Spanish but will have more as time allows.


How does it work?

Once we receive payment for Assessment I, we will take all your contact info and the system sends everyone a link to begin, based on who you tell us to email it to. We will only send to work emails, never a personal email address.


What can we find out?

We can find out most things no one dares to share in public… Such as: Are costs in line, Does company have a Risk Matrix, Does company have a Lean mentality, Does it think it does but doesn’t, how often should results be measured, What should be measured, What KPIs should we be looking at for each discipline, is there a disconnect between departments, do employees feel they are underpaid, understaffed… and much much more…


Who do we tell?

Early on we recognized that to be successful we needed to help employees and companies, not discipline them. So we will only share our findings with each employee that fills out Assessment questions. IF we see that the person is trying to deceive us, then we will share our findings with Top Management (only for that discipline). Our questionnaire is sophisticated enough (has many unspoken features) that allows us to know if the person is not being truthful, if they don’t know what they should know, etc. etc.


Who do we protect?

Our first intention is always to protect and train the employee. But if the employee does not have the company’s best interests, then all bets are off and our allegiance is with the shareholders.


What solutions do we provide?

We have over 200 years of experience working for some of the toughest companies in the world. We have been very successful at helping companies and most of us have run companies before. We can help you grow your top line, bottom line or both and we work with the current staff and improve their efforts. We can even suggest additional strategies if it is warranted.


How accurate is it?

The Assessment is incredibly accurate. It has so many questions asked from several disciplines, with an ability to ask the top management, VP, Department Manager and others below the same questions to confirm accuracy.


Can we do Assessment II and III by ourselves and save money?

Yes of course. We just provide a simple assessment report and the rest is up to you. But once we show you what we can do, it is most likely that you will want us to finish the job.


What does Assessment II entail?

Once we recommend (based on findings) the top 2 or 3 disciplines needing our help, we will send our consultants to confirm findings and get a good idea of what the next step is (i.e. develop and quote a road map). Once we do that we will inform you of the cost to develop roadmap. IF you choose to, we can hand over roadmap and walk away. If after seeing our assessment, you choose a different discipline to be worked on, we will do that instead.


How do we get to Assessment III?

Once you receive our Assessment II, we are ready to begin the road to success and will provide you with a cost for Assessment III. If that is acceptable, we will give you a beginning date. Presuming that your employees are available, we will be done by our due date and you will start to see the fruits soon. Incremental payments will be required and this will be discussed upon delivery of the cost.


Do we offer trial Assessments?

We offer 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 Assessments for first time customers. Meaning if the shareholders have two separate companies, we will do two assessments for the price of one, or 3 for 2. We just don’t give it away since we feel it is most important for company to have some skin in the game.

Sample scores:


The above summary shows a few scores but obviously it has many more columns and rows which paint a very clear story. Also, we can drill down to see the results of every question in any discipline. This allows us to see much more than the obvious. The above chart is the Summary Chart, not even the Proprietary Internal Score Card that we use for dissecting … and understanding the challenges. Please note that above scores are made up of as many as 20 or more scores, so by looking at this, it can give the wrong assumptions. But, by looking at and drilling down each cell on the proprietary Score Card, we are able to truly understand what is happening within the company. There are also some very proprietary aspects that allow us to truly understand other pertinent issues.

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