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Business Team

Our Team:

Below are our company Leaders that are able to help your company along with a small bio on each background.  We also have additional consultants on call upon engagement of project.

Michael Smith,
Operations and Supply Chain Lead

Michael Smith is a senior executive with expertise and accomplishments in all phases of Supply Chain, Continuous Improvement, and Operational Excellence.  In his more than 35 years of experience, he has worked in commercial Aerospace, Defense, Space, Automotive aftermarket, and commercial manufacturing sectors.

At a company with global presence, he developed a culture of continuous improvement with a successful implementation across fifteen sites in four countries.  As executive sponsor of two LSS Greenbelt training programs, he participated in projects and kaizen events resulting in more than $5M in savings.

His global experience:  Led a facility closure in China on time and on budget.  Was a greenfield team member for a facility in Mexico.  Facilitated more than 100 Lean events in eight countries.  Led supply chain activities improving both quality and delivery at suppliers in China.

Michael has participated in five ERP system implementations and is certified in MRP and Capacity Planning.  He has developed and implemented shop floor KPIs and led daily Gemba walks.  He has implemented SIOP and capacity planning processes where none existed previously.

His Supply Chain experience:  Formed and led procurement counsels resulting in several million dollars in cost savings and a reduction in the supply base.  Negotiated multi-year long-term agreements implementing JIT deliveries with multi-million-dollar savings.

He has worked in several Private Equity environments and has demonstrated the ability to create value through cost savings and working capital reduction.


Dr. Sherri Whitcher has over 25 years of transforming organizations and consulting experience helping people continuously improve and reach their full potential. During her professional career she has lead change with proven success while managing in manufacturing, engineering, supplier management, learning and training, creative services, and most recent proposal production. Starting her professional career at McDonnell Douglas in 1988, now The Boeing Company, Dr. Whitcher was promoted throughout the entire company, from production shop floor, into management within a year.  First managing the delivery commercial aircraft, then the C-17 Program where she managed the production line.


Her journey of transformation took place within the entire Boeing Company.  Dr. Whitcher pursued the engagement of the production line employees, by focusing on teaming and quality improvements with lean six sigma.  She was able to empower the employees to improve the way aircraft were built, designed, and maintained with the customers and suppliers all part of this journey.  She facilitated ways to build the trust and skills of all her employees utilizing government and accredited affiliations in the local community. Her team and program won many awards (Malcolm Baldrige, CMMI level 5, and California Teaming Award to name a few) for their valuable efforts. Dr. Whitcher developed and strategically launched the project management office for the program in order to successfully implement change without major disruption. This included introducing systems engineering and knowledge transfer to the design and critical skills the company needed to retain and sustain the products and services.  With these significant all encompassing improvements came a reduction in operating cost by over 65%.


Dr. Whitcher has a thesis on quality and process surveillance, and a dissertation on the effect of professional development published. 

Valerie Reif,
HR Lead

Ms Reif's previous positions include Vice President of Human Resources for Boot Barn, Regional Director of Administration with ASICS America, Director of Human Resources at St. John Knits and Kenneth Cole Productions. Her early career includes operations leadership roles at several national retailers; J. Crew and the Limited Divisions. At ASICS America, her responsibilities included the management of strategy, human resources, facilities, compliance and procurement.


Ms. Reif has led significant organization-wide initiatives such as multiple M&A, IPO, launched business enterprises of ecommerce, retail, outlet, Mexico subsidiary, and converted agency-model wholesale sales force in-house. She led two companies through high growth periods and one through a significant downsizing and restructuring.


She has deep expertise in the areas of talent strategies, leadership coaching, HR functional strategies, compensation, management improvement curriculum, operational processes, and business development. In her leadership positions, she coached and supported senior leaders across the organization. Her cross-organizational business acumen enhances her ability as a coach to build a leader’s capabilities to achieve short and long-term organizational goals.

Ms. Reif earned a bachelor's degree in Business Management from Webster University and earned her Certificate in HR from the University of California, Los Angeles. She has served on the Board of the Orange County Affiliate of the National Human Resources Association for 6 years, including President, and is currently the West Affiliate Chair for the National Board.


Passionate about building high-performance teams, removing barriers, bridging organizations and institutionalizing processes that allow companies to scale the business, transform culture and improve employee engagement. Recognized leader & steward of efficient business processes that lead to increased profitability by accelerating execution. A strong advocate of critical thinking, strategic planning, data-driven decisions, analytics, problem-solving, and risk mitigation. Extensive experienced in high-technology, aerospace, and regulated industries.
• Highly effective teams that truly collaborate and work together within and across organizations
• Energized and passionate employees focused on their deliverables and results
• Satisfied customers that value the company as a strategic partner
• Predictable schedules, reliable launch readiness, and execution of the business

Al Devile,
Business Development, Sales & Marketing

  Mr. Devile, has over 30 years (old picture) of Aerospace (Commercial, Military and Space) experience working for Boeing/Douglas Aircraft and various Component Manufacturers, for production and aftermarket . He managed Engineering, Production Control, Program Management, Sales and Marketing Departments at a Director & VP level in private and public companies with revenues approaching $100M. His aerospace product experience encompasses Aircraft Fasteners, Hydraulic Tube Fittings, Hoses, Life Support, Interiors products and Satellite Propulsion System Components, among others. Mr. Devile was also COO and CEO of two Aerospace component manufacturers.

   He is multi-lingual, earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from CSUN, MBA from Pepperdine, PMP from PMI, has received Karrass Negotiations training, Miller Heiman Sales Training, has published 15 SAE Aerospace Standards and has received several awards along the way.

   Mr Devile is a former member of Los Angeles Mayor's (Eric Garcetti) Global Export and Investment Council, ASA CA Vice Chair, the founder of the SoCal Aerospace Expo and is currently Group Owner of LinkedIn's Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer's Representatives.

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