We have brought A&D Discipline leaders together "in YOUR same industry" to help you so that we truly understand your challenges.


We are not looking to do consulting in every industry under the sun, only those we know we can truly make a huge difference...


If you had a pain in your body, you wouldn't go to your pharmacist for an aspirin until you knew what you had. Even Primary Care Physicians go to Specialists, so why not come to the industry Specific Specialists that understand your business...

Wisdom of old tells us that “a chord of three strands is not quickly broken.”  Similarly, TRICORD Performance believes that the TRICORD PROCESS weaves three powerful strands to strengthen the operational and financial performance of our clients.  These strands are the collective knowledge of:

  • Our client’s management


  • Our client’s customers


  • TRICORD’s expertise and experience bringing an objective external perspective and industry’s best practices to bear.


Combined, our approach will enable our clients to achieve the desired improvements. 


Our Process consists of three separate client engagements.  The client retains the right to terminate the process at the end of each engagement.

  • ENGAGEMENT 1 - Web-based Assessment / Subject Matter Experts (SME) Review/Client Report: Scorecard, SWOT/Recommendations Roadmap​ and much much more.

  • ENGAGEMENT 2 - SME In-depth Assessment/SME Review/Client Report/Detailed Roadmap: Critical Improvement Initiatives.​

  • ENGAGEMENT 3 - Subject Matter Expert / Consultant-based Roadmap Implementation.