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Below are some examples of our sucesses which were performed in our work:  The names of companies and customers were omitted for confidentiality reasons.  Needless to say, we have many others...

  • Led client towards improving predictability of engineering development deliverables by 26% using proven processes and metrics

  • Assisted client in turning around customer confidence by eliminating repeat quality issues

  • Guided a client to decrease “re-engineering” costs by 14%, allowing more focus on new products

Human Resources

  • Conducted due diligence on the Human Resources function for a client considering an acquisition. Identified and mitigated exposure related to the 401k plan, guided a reorganization of manpower within both companies to eliminate redundancies and maximize performance, and developed a change management and integration plan improving the speed to proficiency.

  • Assisted a client through a County minimum wage claim and audit impacting approximately 100 employees over a 4 year period. Obtained a significant reduction in county penalties from $1.5M to $250K along with immediately implemented remediation to limit state penalties and future claims.

  • Completed an HR Audit, provided recommendations to mitigate exposure and identified cost savings for the organization through benefits management, Workers’ Compensation practices and streamlining administration of work.

  • Led the analysis, document production, and defense strategy with clients attorney on a lawsuit alleging wage and hour violations, harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, failure to engage in the interactive process and failure to make accommodations. Claim was decertified as a class and ended up settling through mediation for 20% of original demand.


Turn Around #1
  • After the CEO was removed by shareholders, we quickly implemented a thorough clean up of facility and raw materials, organized inventory, implemented MRP including full bar code stations at every operation, provided training, entered good inventory into MRP and discarded the obsolete. Implemented a plan to be AS9100 certified "with Design" to begin road to owning intellectual property by starting an Engineering department and begun upgrading and training the staff.  Financial and operational metrics were also implemented in order to stop the bleeding and begun road back to health.

Turn Around #2
  • We were hired to bring a company out of bankruptcy. Private Equity believed they bought a diamond in the rough with past 3 years worth of Boeing Gold Plaques. However we found the company had been in the Red for six months prior to our arrival and "didn't know it". They had also bid on products they never made and could not ship thus it impeded the ability to improve the rating until it was shipped and thus it could not receive new orders. We immediately implemented a detail Customer Ratings  program to see where we stood with everyone. We found a way to build and eventually ship the orders to begin the road to recovery. We also began MRP training and again implemented a thorough clean up of facility, starting with old stock which should have been discarded long ago and inventoried the good stuff with locations into MRP.  

Turn Around #3 = Recent Engagement
  • Hired to help a mid-sized company return to profitability and prepare for sale. We quickly evaluated staff and identified upcoming AS9100 Rev D audit. This required all disciplines to be engaged to pass audit.

       This company is being prepared for sale as we speak.


  • Led facility closure in Kunshan China on schedule and on budget.  Controlled operations and supply chain activities to support customer demand while ensuring excess inventory was minimized.  Worked with local government agencies to manage employee benefits and job placements.  Coordinated with logistics companies to transfer manufacturing equipment and residual inventory offshore to manufacturing site.

  • Led all continuous improvement activities on a supplier with poor delivery and quality performance.  Conducted Kaizen events focusing on current state batch manufacturing and inspection processes.  Worked with the supplier to redesign the manufacturing process to support single piece flow, and operator self-inspection through the use of go-no-go fixturing.  Improved on-time delivery to 100 percent through use of safety stock and Kanban pull.  Improved supplier quality to 97 percent on the manufacturing line, and to 100 percent delivered quality using new NDT testing equipment.

  • Created and led a global supply chain council with an objective to rationalize supplier spend across 15 sites in 4 countries.  Initial commodity management focus identified metallic clips and brackets as a low risk, high reward target.  Reduced supply base from more than 30 active suppliers to 4 while realizing annual cost reductions of more than $1.5M.  Reduced inventory exposure by more than $500k through use of implementing supplier managed safety stock and site Kanban pull signals.


  • Created processes and procedures throughout all areas of the company with US Air Force customer concurrence, including airworthiness certification, electronic supplier data transmittal, line-checks, diversity, leadership development and communication technology roadmap 

  • Successfully achieved certifications of high performance and compliance in business operations, including Malcolm Baldridge, ISO, AQS, NQA, CMMI, SEI, and Program Best Practices for the Military Program

  • Mentored top executive management with knowledge and self-esteem to move in a successful career planning and continuous improvement in product quality

  • Organized and presented at conferences such as WESTEC, University of North Texas International Teaming Conference, Engineering Week, and Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Conference on Leaders of the Future 

  • Developed integrated standards, processes and tools to ensure alignment with creativity and innovation to support competitiveness, as a result winning several distinguished awards and tremendous cost savings

Sales & Marketing

  • Successfully sold ALL inventory (over $1M) 3 weeks before end of quarter without doing a Fire Sale to avert management changes and meet profit expectations.

  • Successfully negotiated on the client's behalf a multi-million dollar agreement, which gave client a much higher expected outcome that more than paid for our services.

  • Reviewed all client's customers to define which customers should be target customers and which were just taking up resources ... and began process of upgrading the customer list ...

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